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ODJOB mixes a wide variety of ingredients, such as seed and top soil, quickly and thoroughly for a perfect mix every time. In just 30 seconds, ODJOB mixes 60 pounds (approximately 30 kilograms) with no mess and little physical effort. And because ODJOB is air tight, mixtures like seed and feed can be safely stored in it.

ODJOB can also be used to mix mortar, grout, fertilizer, animal feed, and compost. ODJOB is easy to use. Simply roll it. The patented internal baffles are on a specifically designed gradient. When ODJOB is rolled back and forth, these internal baffles create a helical or "corkscrew" effect, which not only tumbles the ingredients around and around, but redistributes them from end to end. No other tools are needed. Cleanup is easy; simply rinse with water.

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ODJOB Mixing system

Part #04239 

ODJOB Mixing System

Unit Dimensions L” x W” x H"
12.5" x 12.5" x 17.9"

Unit Weight lbs/kg
6.8 lbs/3.1 kg

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