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Scepter Canada Inc.

Fuel Containers

Scepter leads the industry with one of the most comprehensive lines of gas and specialty Jerry Cans in the industry. As the first manufacturer of Jerry Cans in North America back in 1959, Scepter has continued to lead the way, introducing new products while maintaining the highest quality standards.

WARNING: Gas is highly combustible and fuel vapours can explode. Use with extreme caution.
  • Never allow children to play with a fuel container
  • Never pour gas on a fire
  • Never siphon gasoline by mouth
  • If swallowed, seek medical assistance immediately
  • Always store your gas can out of the reach of children and in a well-ventilated area

Our Eco cans are environmentally friendly and meet California Air Resources Board (CARB & EPA) regulations for emission and spill-control. 

In combination with the Eco Gas Can, the Eco spill-proof spout prevents the escape of vapours and reduces accidental spills.

Scepter also offers Fuel & Liquid Handling containers for Diesel, Kerosene, and Water available in 5-gallon capacities in various shapes and styles.

Scepter Canada Inc.

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