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Scepter Canada Inc.

pro ramps for vehicle

Ramps and Battery Boxes

Scepter's line of ramps and battery boxes are made from high impact plastic that are designed to be lightweight, rust proof, yet durable, even in the harshest conditions.

Pro Ramps for vehicle

Part #08226

Pro Ramp is suitable for cars, light trucks and vans.
The rated gross vehicle weight is 3,000 lbs (1,350 kg) per wheel up to a maximum of 6,000 lbs (2,700 kg) per pair of wheels.

Click here for instructions on how to use your Pro Ramps.

windshield washer caddy

Part #08433

Windshield Washer Caddy

Drip Tray for oil

Part #06951

Drip Tray (37.0"x25.0"x0.3")

Scepter Canada Inc.

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