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Scepter Canada Inc.


  • The Pro Ramp is suitable for cars, light trucks and vans.
  • The rated gross vehicle weight is 3,000 lbs (1,350 kg) per wheel up to a maximum of 6,000 lbs (2,700 kg) per pair of wheels.
  • Pro Ramp is contructed of high impact plastics and are designed to accommodate lower profile vehicles.  The hi-tech grate design incorporates extra stregnth and increased traction.  Also, the open design allows fluids to drain away/off the ramps.
  • Before using the Scepter Pro Ramps please read and understand all instructions before using.  If you have any questions call Scepter Canada Inc at 1-800-387-6018.
  • Do not exceed the rated weight capacity of 3,000 lbs per wheel/ramp or 6,000 lbs for both wheels positioned on 2 ramps.  If you elevate the car wheels on 4 ramps the maximum Gross Vehicle Weight is not to exceed 12,000 lbs.
Packaging Specs:
Gross Vehicle Weight: 3000 lbs. for each ramp, total 6000 lbs per pair (2 ramps)
Colour: Black
Max Weight: 6000 lbs per set of ramps
Number: 2 ramps
Size: 11.9" wide x 34" long x 8.9" high
302mm wide x 863mm long x 205mm high
Material: Constructed from high impact plastic, Pro Ramps are designed to carry a maximum of 3000 lbs per individual wheel or a total of 6000 lbs per set (two wheels).


Directions on how to use your Scepter PRO Ramps
Before using ramps make sure they are free from any structural damage. Use only on hard, level surface.

Use ramps as a matched pair to support one end of the vehicle, front or back.  Do not use ramps to support one side of the vehicle!

Position ramps directly in front of the wheels that will be supported.  The longer profile accommodates lower vehicles.  Pro Ramp handles tires up to P285 and LT285.
Carefully, and slowly drive the vehicle onto the Pro Ramps until the wheels are in the correct position.  Tip: one person should guide the driver as they navigate the car onto the ramps.
Tires should be centered on the ramp.  Maximum tire width is 11.22 inches.

Place a chock under at least one of the wheels which is on the ground so the vehicle can not accidentally roll off the ramps.

*For extra protection, it is recommended to use a jack stand if a person will work under the car. 
** Never disconnect brakes or disengage drive train or engine when the vehicle is on the ramps. Do not remove wheels when on the ramps.
Never accelerate or brake suddenly when approaching or moving off the Pro Ramps.
Scepter Canada Inc.

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