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Garden Gourmet Composter

Garden Gourmet's design makes it one of the most efficient composters for kitchen and garden waste. It has been very successful in municipal and retail programs. A sturdy, high quality product, it is environmentally friendly. Constructed from 100 percent recycled material, it is priced competitively. Complete with a composting and user guide, Garden Gourmet features an easy access lid that snaps shut to keep it secure, and a sliding bottom door to make it easy to remove compost.

The Garden Gourmet is shipped knocked down. Its modular construction takes up less floor space than typical moulded composters. The attractive design and packaging make it easy to display and sell. Assembly is simple and requires no tools. When assembled the unit is 11 cubic feet. Additional panels can be added to increase the capacity by almost two cubic feet.

Garden Gourmet


ODJOB mixes a wide variety of ingredients quickly and thoroughly for a perfect mix every time. In just 30 seconds, ODJOB mixes 60 pounds (approximately 30 kilograms) of concrete with no mess and little physical effort. It produces a consistent high quality mix for a professional-looking job every time. ODJOB can also be used to mix mortar, grout, fertilizer, animal feed, soils, seeds, compost and paint. And because ODJOB is air tight, mixtures like seed and feed can be safely stored in it. ODJOB is easy to use. Simply roll it. The patented internal baffles are on a specifically designed gradient. When ODJOB is rolled back and forth, these internal baffles create a helical or "corkscrew" effect, which not only tumbles the ingredients around and around, but redistributes them from end to end. No other tools are needed. Cleanup is easy, simply rinse with water.


PathMate Landscape Moulds

PATHMATE is a convenient tool for moulding professional looking pathways and patio stones, quickly and easily. There are three attractive patterns to choose from: Random, which is ideal for curved paths, Belgian, the classic stone patio, and Venetian, a European interlocking stone pattern. The reusable moulds are designed so that they can run a continuous path in any direction, make turns, gradual curves, or fill an area of any configuration.

With PATHMATE it takes only minutes to mix, pour and form each section. Only three tools are needed: the ODJOB mixer, PATHMATE and a trowel. Just fill the mould, smooth the stone and lift away the mould. Because it builds one section at a time, there is no need to complete the entire project at once. PATHMATE gives professional results at a fraction of the cost, and makes it easy to create your own custom designs.


Mixing Trays

Scepter mixing trays can be used to mix concrete, mortar, grout, soil, seed, compost or fertilizer. They are available in 7 gallon and 14 gallon sizes. Contractor tough, Scepter's mixing trays are designed for convenient, everyday use around the house.

Mixing Tray

Rain Barrel

Scepter's 200 litre / 52 U.S. gallon Rain Barrel works to conserve water by diverting rain from your eavestrough for use throughout your home and yard. This reduces household water consumption and lowers the demands placed on municipal water delivery and sewage treatment facilities.

Scepter Rain Barrel