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Regular Fuel Containers

Scepter developed the first plastic Jerry Can, setting the standards for the industry. Since the original appeared in 1959, we have continued to refine it as new technology made improvements possible. Made from high density polyethylene, the lightweight, crushproof design has extra headspace built in to accommodate expansion. Our new style Jerry Cans now feature a more user-friendly "easy pour" design, self-venting spouts and Child Resistant Closure (CRCs) caps. Scepter Jerry Cans are rustproof, unbreakable and noncorroding. Scepter cans meet or exceed U.S., Canadian, Australian and New Zealand standards. Scepter fuel cans come in a variety of sizes and styles for any application.

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Regular Jerry Cans

CARB/OTC Fuel Containers

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has approved new emission and spill-control regulations for portable fuel containers that came into effect in California on January 1, 2001. According to CARB, traditional gas cans account for about 87 tons of smog-forming pollution a day in California. This is equivalent to emissions generated by about 1 million cars.

In response to the new legislation, Scepter Corporation has developed the ECO® Gas Can using patented DuPont Laminar Technology, resulting in permeation levels well below the CARB required rate of 0.40 grams per gallon per day.

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Scepter has also developed a self-venting spout that automatically shuts off when the gas tank reaches capacity. This spill-proof system prevents the escape of vapours or dripping from the gas can.

Through a combination of technology and design Scepter has developed a complete line of 1, 2, 5, and 6-gallon gas cans, as well as diesel and kerosene cans in 5-gallon capacities. Scepter's rustproof, unbreakable, noncorroding Jerry Cans meet all the stringent demands of ARB while providing a cost-effective solution for consumers. In addition, these cans are UL certified to ASTM standard PS91.00.

For more information (in English or Spanish) on how to safely use and assemble your Eco Gas Can please click here or "How to Safely Refuel Gas Powered Tools" click here.

Scepter Eco Cans

Specialty Fuel Containers

Scepter offers a full line of Specialty Fuel and Liquid Handling containers. Diesel, Kerosene, and Water containers are available in 5-gallon capacities in varying shapes and styles. A 5 gal. military ("JEEP") style gas container is also available for the recreational enthusiast.

Drain Pans & Funnels

Scepter Drain Pans and Used Oil Containers are made from tough, high-density polyethylene that won't rust or crack. They are perfect for all automotive uses including draining and storage of oil or other automotive fluids and for parts cleaning. They are made in a variety of shapes, sizes and profiles to fit any application.

Scepter's funnels are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and configurations that are ideal for all automotive uses. Standard funnels feature a convenient handle for stable pouring and come in sizes from 4" to 12" in diameter. Specialty items include a transmission funnel, 18" rigid funnel and 18" flexible funnel for difficult-to-reach applications.

Oil Drain Pans