Consumer Products

Recognized for innovative design and quality manufacturing, Scepter leads the industry in introducing new products, and maintaining the high standards set by our existing products. Scepter was the first manufacturer of Jerry Cans or plastic fuel cans, providing a safe, reliable alternative for the consumer market. In keeping with these high standards, Scepter recently introduced a broad line of automotive, home and garden, and houseware products.


Scepter was the first to introduce a blow-moulded polyethylene fuel container and has since become a leader in this product category. In light of recent State and Federal EPA regulations, Scepter introduced a full line of CARB and OTC compliant fuel containers. These environmentally friendly containers offer a reduced permeation wall barrier and an automatically closing spout. These features reduce spillage and evaporative emissions. We offer a full spectrum of sizes and styles of fuel containers all complete with self-venting, self-regulating spouts and child resistant closure caps (CRCs). Scepter also has a broad line of funnels, drain pans and used-oil containers for every application.

Scepter AB205S


More recently, Scepter introduced a complete line of "Tough Stuff" refuse containers, curbside recycling containers and "Store Stuff" storage totes for use in the home. This line includes a complete range of sizes, shapes and styles for all your storage and curbside needs.

Lawn & Garden

Scepter produces a number of Do-It-Yourself and environmental products to make home improvement easier. All products are made contractor-tough and are designed for convenient, everyday use around the house. Products such as the Garden Gourmet backyard composter, the Odjob mixer and Pathmate concrete moulds make light work of home landscaping.

Scepter MaxFlo 

Flo n' go

Scepter's patented "Flo n' go" fluid transfer system is designed to eliminate spillage and overfills. Flo n' go pumps gas in any direction for easy, clean fill-ups in hard-to-reach fuel tanks. At-the-handle pump control allows for auto shut-off and restarts, as well as clean, hassle-free siphon control. Flo n' go Siphon Pumps are available in two different sizes and are compatible with all major manufacturer's fuel cans. They are also sold in Combo kits with Scepter fuel cans and in the Duramax 14 gal. fuel caddy.